2024Q2 Welcome Call

April 1, 2024

  • Welcome!
    • Kate and Aja introductions
    • Practice Squad Coach introductions (Louise and Kerstin)
  • Musical path through this quarter
    • How to manage the amount of repertoire
    • How to go at your own pace
  • Practice Squad Coach introductions
    • Louise Shackelton
    • Kerstin Tenney
    • Kate Reddish
    • Aja Majkrzak
  • Time management
    • How to divide up your practice time
  • Q&A
    • How much do you practice for your orchestra job?
    • What is the difficulty of the Wieniawski Concerto compared to the Beethoven Concerto?
    • How to manage keeping up with material from previous weeks?
    • What repertoire do we play in Practice Squads?
    • How to increase practice time and avoid injury?
    • Is it better to practice in one long session, or multiple shorter sessions per day?
    • The 5 “why’s”
    • Preparing a performance for friends
  • Handbook Tour
  • Tech Help
  • Kate’s Weekly Email tour
  • Website Tour
  • Discord Tour

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