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When you work hard in the practice room, you deserve to perform with ease and confidence. So don’t settle for anything less. Begin your transformation the next time you open the violin case, with the help of my free Daily Practice Essentials:

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Stop wasting time in the practice room, and start practicing for performance


Before, I’d spend hours practicing but it wasn’t targeted enough to see the kind of improvements that I needed. Nathan helped me focus on the skills I needed to improve the most. He has a special ability to pinpoint and distill the most essential information incredibly clearly.”

– James McFadden-Talbot, Louisville Orchestra

Playing the Violin Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle

If you open your case every day with a mixture of hope, doubt, and fear, you may feel alone. You may even have given up on your dream to reach that special place: performing the music you love, while feeling physically free, even under pressure.

And if that’s true, then I invite you to step into my practice room, where our daily work is just as creative as the final performance. I’ll help you get clarity in three key areas:

How to approach your instrument mentally to set you up for success

The instrumental building blocks that make up all violin music

How to refine and combine your tools for any creative possibility

Together, these three form the Practice Makes Performance system. And once you understand the system, you can take back your practice time and make it rewarding again.

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Scales Book

The best way to start your day

How do you learn every new piece in advance? The answer is hiding in plain sight: scales! Whether you’ve tried every book, or never played a scale before, I’ve got you covered with my book, Scales: The Road to Repertoire.

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The Daily Virtuoso

Practicing shouldn’t feel like a constant battle with your own limitations.

Experience the revolutionary membership experience that helps you take control of your progress — while learning the greatest pieces in the repertoire (no more waiting)!

When you become a Daily Virtuoso, you join my worldwide community of dedicated violinists. Every quarter, I lead you through three cornerstones of the violin repertoire, complete with exclusive video lessons, weekly practice plans, and your own practice squad.

Plus, we don’t neglect the fundamentals! As soon as you join, you unlock the Virtuoso Vault, full of video demonstrations of key techniques and the classic etudes.

“Nathan’s encyclopedic knowledge of repertoire,
and that includes solo, chamber, and orchestral repertoire, is matched only by his encyclopedic knowledge of technical solutions on the instrument.”

— Lynn Kuo, Assistant Concertmaster, National Ballet of Canada

Here’s What Alumni Say

“If you’re like me and truly passionate and honest about your playing, Nathan is your guy.”
Swang Lin, Associate Concertmaster, Fort Worth Symphony
“Since working with Nathan, my playing is much clearer, more precise, and more in tune. When I was in music school, I thought I just wasn’t good enough or hadn’t practiced enough. Nathan gives you the tools to figure out what’s wrong and fix it rather than just playing it through a million times.”
Shirie Leng, Anesthesiologist and Principal Second Violin, Longwood Symphony Orchestra
“I practiced a lot, but I always seemed to get stuck. Now Nathan can help me fix it almost instantly. It’s like working with Jascha Heifetz on the violin, with the patience of Mr. Rogers.”
Adam Diamond, Software Developer and multi-style violinist

Meet Your Guide, Nathan Cole

I’m Nathan Cole, First Associate Concertmaster of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, and for the past twenty years, I’ve been helping professional violinists solve problems, win auditions, and transform their careers.

I grew up in Kentucky, then went to the Curtis Institute of Music. What a shock! I had some ground to make up, so I had to get used to major hours in the practice room.

But there was a problem: even with all those hours, I wasn’t learning the difficult rep any faster. I was inconsistent day to day, and worst of all, from the practice room to the stage. By the time I realized I needed help, I was out of school and on my own.

That’s when I decided that if I ever wanted to find out how far I could take my playing, I had to develop my own practice method. It had to give me steady gains that would stay with me under pressure. And it had to fit around my full-time orchestra job.

Now I’m able to share that method with a worldwide audience of tens of thousands, all from my home in Pasadena. Your audience is out there, too. I’d love to help you reach them!

My Story
“Things that seemed insurmountable a few months ago now feel possible with Nathan’s practical solutions and focused approach. I feel more confident when I practice because I’m seeing consistent progress, not just spinning my wheels.”
the Atlanta Opera

Stand Partners for Life

Violinists (and husband and wife) Nathan Cole and Akiko Tarumoto give you an inside look at performing with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Each week brings new repertoire, conductors, soloists… and new stories from their life-long love affair with classical music, the violin, and their family.

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