Course Progression: From Zero to Advertising Your Video

This is the first in a series of progressions in which we outline the best route to go through the topics within VMC 3 so that it is more in chronological order to fit your review!

This progression will take you from no website (or idea how to build one) to the end point of advertising a created video with the best headlines and social media tactics!

1. WW 3.06: From Zero to Website (Buying a domain name and getting your website up and functional): WW 3.06 From zero to website! • Nathan Cole – violin (

2a. WCC Week 10 w/ Matt: Activating Premium WP Themes for Free (Giving your website the right theme to build from): WCC Week 10 w/ Matt (Activating Premium WordPress Themes For Free) • Nathan Cole – violin (

2b. Resources Tab: Activating Premium WP Themes for Free (Same as above, just shorter and to the point; without all the technical difficulties): Activating Premium WP Themes for Free! • Nathan Cole – violin (

3. WW 3.04: Behind the Green Screen (Nathan’s explanation of all the gear you could need and how it all works): WW 3.04 Behind the green screen • Nathan Cole – violin (

4. WCC Week 13 w/ Matt: Studio on a Budget (Setting up your studio without spending so much… the things you definitely need and what might not be so necessary starting out): WCC Week 13 w/ Matt (Making a Studio on a Budget) • Nathan Cole – violin (

5. BC 3.14.2: Video Content Creation (Working through the nice extra pieces of technology and setting yourself up for success): Studio 3.14.2 Video Content Creation • Nathan Cole – violin (

6. BC 3.9.2: ESP: Connecting With Your Audience (The ins and outs of email service providers and why it’s important to have an email list. The importance of a “lead magnet” on your website): Studio 3.9.2 ESP: Connecting with your audience • Nathan Cole – violin (

7. BC 3.10.2: ESP: Nuts and Bolts (Setting up your email list on ConvertKit and how to use the necessary pieces and link to your website to automatically collect email addresses): Studio 3.10.2 ESP: Nuts & Bolts • Nathan Cole – violin (

8. WCC Week 14: Ins and Outs of Multistreaming (How to stream to multiple platforms simultaneously!): WCC Week 14 w/ Matt (Ins & Outs of Multistreaming) • Nathan Cole – violin (

9. BC 3.15.2: “The Way of The Fist” (Nathan shows how to film and begin the rendering/editing/posting process): Studio 3.15.2 “The Way of the Fist” • Nathan Cole – violin (

10. BC 3.12.2: Writing Workshop (How to present your content with general copywriting tips): Studio 3.12.2 Writing Workshop • Nathan Cole – violin (

11. BC 3.13.2: Publishing: “Effective rather than sleazy” (More workshopping with headlines and writing tactics): Studio 3.13.2 Publishing: “Effective rather than sleazy” • Nathan Cole – violin (

12. BC 3.16.2: “Lynn’s in a Keyword State of Mind” (The ins and outs of how to headline a video and interact with your audience): Studio 3.16.2 “Lynn’s in a Keyword State of Mind” • Nathan Cole – violin (

13. BC 3.17.2: Social Media: the good, the bad, and the ugly (General tips to utilizing social media and the ins and outs to making it work): Studio 3.17.2 Social Media: The good, the bad, and the ugly • Nathan Cole – violin (

Course Progression: From Zero to Advertising Your Video

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