Subscriber access to the Four Seasons: What Lies Beneath

Thanks so much for registering for The Four Seasons: What Lies Beneath! Below are links for you to download my marked parts for the Four Seasons as well as the workbook for the event.

For the music: there is a PDF with my markings “baked in”, as well as a ForScore file for those of you who use the ForScore app. That will allow you to edit my markings as you see fit:

Please note: I’ve left the slow movement of Winter blank so that we can mark it together during the five-day event.

And here is the workbook you should have available to you for the event:

Now mark your calendar so that you can be there live as much as possible:

Monday-Friday, September 18-22, 12:30-1:30 PST

And get ready to join me either on my Natesviolin Facebook page


My Youtube channel!

And if you have to miss, no worries. Because you registered, I’ll let you know where and when to watch the replays!

For now, enjoy this selection of some of my latest videos:

If You’re Making Any Of These 8 Mistakes In The Practice Room

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