WCC Week 14 w/ Matt (Ins & Outs of Multistreaming)

December 31, 2020

We don’t start our conversation until a little ways in, so feel free to skip ahead to the marked chapter!

Matt goes into the specifics of how to broadcast to multiple social media and streaming platforms simultaneously… a must for those who wish to reach the widest audiences possible, and reach audiences on the platform they are most comfortable with without asking them to adapt to where you want to station.

There are 3 different ways to multistream as Matt outlines in the video:

  • Streaming Software (Matt recommends StreamYard)
  • Hardware Encoder
  • Cloud Based Streaming Service

Here are the links Matt used as reference for researching the topic for this week’s presentation:

Multistreaming: how to live stream to multiple destinations | Epiphan Video

How to Multistream: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Started – Castr’s Blog

How To Multistream: Guide to Multistreaming – Restream Blog

How to Pick the Best Live Streaming Hardware Encoder (brid.tv)

ATEM Mini | Blackmagic Design

WCC Week 14 w/ Matt (Ins & Outs of Multistreaming)

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