WCC Week 12 w/ Matt (Lighting & Embracing Critical PHP Issues)

December 17, 2020

Before getting into the specifics of making a studio on a budget (which Matt covers in much greater depth on a Week 13 WCC), Matt goes into some of the tech associated with those who are trying to create a studio without having to spend as much money.

Jennifer is having some issues with performance on her website, and the main cause is the version of PHP on her website! For more information on why updating the PHP can fix some problems on a hosting platform, read this forum below:

web hosting – How dangerous are outdated PHP versions for my clients? – Information Security Stack Exchange

Unfortunately, we do not get to see Jennifer’s problem fixed to completion in this WCC, but the problem was definitely isolated and a call was made so the problem could be fixed!

WCC Week 12 w/ Matt (Lighting & Embracing Critical PHP Issues)

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