WCC Week 11 w/ Matt (Intonation in Bach & Websites)

December 10, 2020

In this week, Matt leads a discussion of the different intonation systems as explained in book “ViolinMind”, an adaptation from “CelloMind”, as well as Rodney Friend’s book, “The Violin in 5ths”.

Additionally, he answers questions pertaining to websites and website hosting platforms. To see the resources Matt used to answer the questions he did and in general that he uses for research, follow these links:

Best email services of 2021: paid, free and business providers | TechRadar

ViolinMind – Ovation Press, Ltd. (ovationpressbooks.com)

The Violin in 5ths | Bearespublishing

WCC Week 11 w/ Matt (Intonation in Bach & Websites)

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