Studio 3.10.2 ESP: Nuts & Bolts

December 5, 2020

In this studio class, Nathan explains how to set up an email service provider for your website.

  • *Why pick one ESP over another?
  • *Defining the terms “Open Rate” and “List Scrubbing”
  • *Adding Subscribers to a list manually
  • *Creating a Landing Page to get more subscribers
  • *”Double Opt Ins” and Pros vs. Cons
  • *Sending out a “Broadcast” email
  • *Creating a Contact Form to get more subscribers
  • *Creating a Custom Domain Email Address
  • *Taking a look at the Violympics survey results
  • *Why you might want to keep things more separate and spread out
Studio 3.10.2 ESP: Nuts & Bolts

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